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                                    HETALOID X READER PART 7


The holiday´s you had were AWESOME! You and your friends had a blast! There were many things you guys did but unfortanatly the next day is back to school (NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!)you sat on your bed thinking "What can we do today" you asked yourself , you sighed "VE~ What`s wrong bella (Y/N)?" Felinciano asked "Oh it´s nothing" you said sighing again "Hey, just tell us what´s up" Lovino said sounding irratated "Fine , tomorrow´s back to school and I don't wanna go" you said pouting "But why not love, education is important you know" Arthur said sitting beside  you "It´s not fun" you said "DUDE I´m totally with you" Alfred said "Shut up git" "Arthurs right ma cheré , you need to go to school for a good job and to have a happy future" Francis said "I know but I hate it at school , people always take advantage of me because I´m sweet and quiet" You said trying to give excuses "Who makes fun of you , I´ll hit them with my pipe DA" Ivan said with a dark aura surrounding him, the others were also mad now that they know you get teased but they have to calm themselves , they don't want to get their 2p side out do they "Everyone gets teased , it´s happens in  life sinyorita , Lovino always tease me, right Lovi~" Antonio said "Right tomato bastard" "See love ,Frog and I also fight but we forget about it" "Then you guys start a new fight" you said " your giving mademoiselle  (Y/N) wrong information" "Oh like you can do better" "I know I can" and then another fight started "Is that all your having a problem with Aru?" Yao asked "No there´s more" you replied "Then terr us" Kiku said "okay" you said and told them all your problems and they sorted it out. The rest of the day you and your friends sang, danced and when your parents went out on a date you and your friends made popcorn and everything you need for a movie , you chose to watch a horror movie not one of best idea´s since Alfred couldn´t stop going on , It was time for bed you got ready and tucked yourself and the hetaloids into bed , Alfred kept clinging on Gilbert and yes Gilbert was going on "get off me I´m too awesome" you giggled and went to sleep . The next day you woke up and got ready for school , before you left you kissed all your hetaloid friends on their foreheads while they were sleeping and then you left . At school it was hell but you remembered what your friends said and it worked , your peers got a shock when they saw that you were able speak aloud and etc , you´ve always had many talents but you never really showed it , you signed up for a play that your school was hosting and you got the part that every girl wants , everything was great until the schools Wannabe girls who think they all that showed up , there were three of them and the leader was going to give you a special treat that will make you want to never show your face in public ever again , you and your friends knew what they were planning since they always came to your friends and always start a fight , they never bothered you before but now it is going to be a living hell ,  legend has it that one of your classmates was expelled for something she never done and it was burning the science room , your class  all know who did it but the wannabe leader´s mother was with her , the last time her mother made sure the teacher that her daughter didn´t like was fired ,you never saw that teacher again, but now your dead meat since she´s out to get you "Don't worry(Y/N) we´ll make sure they never get to you" your friend said the others nodded "Thanks guys" you said giving a smile but you still had a feeling they´ll get you . The bell rang for home time as you were leaving you accidently bumped into the wannabe´s , they turned around and saw you "look who we got here girls , we didn´t expect fresh meat was going to drop in front of us" the leader said smirking  , suddenly everyone started to gather round , they were about to box you when the principle came "WHAT`S GOING ON !" The principle yelled, behind the principle was your friends ,the principle took the wannabe´s to the office , before they went in they said you got lucky with their lips , you thanked your friends "No problem but be warned they might attack you uninspected" your best friend said , you nodded . When you arrived at home and into your room Felinciano came running and hugging your legs "So how was schoor" Kiku asked "Oh it was great" you said , they knew something was wrong "Vat happened really" Ludwig asked and you told them , they were really mad ,they wanted to kill them but they couldn´t so they suggested each of them were going to train you how to fight and stand up for yourself " Over the weeknd training We´ll start" "But where" you asked "Ve´ll do it at the park" Gilbert said , The park was any way close to your house and it was beautiful so you agreed .

In the next part training will start so stay tuned .
PART 7 !!!!!!!!!!! Wow I wrote alot but I was lazy so this part probaly sucks anyway hope you enjoy and please comment .

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MegaAnimeFreak7 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We at :iconhetards: hold a strict "No Readers" policy. We will have to remove this deviation from our folders. You have been given one warning. Please do not do this again. We apologize for being so harsh, but rules are rules.
SunnySunshine203 Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why do ya hate reader-chan so much Pikachu Crying Plz  (And BTW you mean 12 warning XD)
DragonaDemon Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
TIME TO KICK-//brick'd
hetalia524 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
You go girl XD
K8tly1n Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
It was good. What's the training going to be
xPuppEx Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012  Hobbyist
:iconamericawhyplz: NOOOOOOooooo training means work nooooo.
As for those bullies :iconbelarusmarrymeplz: I'MA KICK SOME A$$!!!!!!!!!
hetalia524 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Lol and thanks for the fav
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