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September 27, 2012
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Belarus P.O.V


I was always alone , nobody wanted me except that Toni guy uurgh.... I didn't have a friend , none of the girls liked me since I kept beating them up , my brother and my sister runs away from me , I'm always alone in this Guaken gone with it school , I'm always alone , but then I didn't feel lonely anymore , why ?

In the past


I was there carving marks of people I hate on my desk with my knife when the teacher introduced us to a new student "Class this is ______ , please make her feel welcome " She said , I looked up to see the girl , she had (C/E) and (C/H) , damn she was beautiful , brothers probably gonna tell her to be one with him like the rest ! Why won't he say that to me ?! The thought made blood boil , I was snapped out of thought when I heard a voice , my eye caught the new girl "Hello there I'm _____ , whats yours ?" she asked me , I just grunted , It's strange , usually they wouldn't talk to me but I decided to ignore her

Your P.O.V


I'm sitting next to this girl , people around her are shivering especially that big guy with the long scarf , it's funny, they all look exactly like Hetalia characters, the thought made me giggle

Belarus P.O.V


Man this girls going to be annoying , all of a sudden she starts giggling , I rolled my eyes

During break :

UURGH ! This girl , she keeps on talking to me like I'm her friend or something , but for some reason I enjoyed it , I saw her there sitting with the other girls laughing , chatting and all those things , I was secretly hoping she would sit next to me and do the same with me , I sighed , I guess I'm sitting alone as usual , I suddenly heard footsteps coming towards me , I looked up and saw ________
Why was she coming Here  ? She suddenly put her lunch next to me and sat RIGHT NEXT TO ME ! "What do you want?!" I said to her "Well you seem lonely so I came here " she said smiling "Why the heck ?" I asked "Because no one deserves to be alone " she replied , I blushed "If you want me to go you can" "NO ! " I nearly yelled  , I blushed redder "Please don't go " I said , What was I thinking ?! This was the first time I ever told someone who wasn't my brother not to leave me , she smiled at me "okay then " she said and hugged me , I-I didn't know what to do so I froze , I noticed everyone was frozen and staring at me , they started whispering "Y-you can get off me now " I told Trying to push her off "Why ? Your my friend " she said 'f-friend' that word went straight to my heart , I never had a friend before this was the first time "F-fine but not in public " I said she got off me and saluted "Okie dokie captain" she said , for the first time I giggled , it felt good , I feel really happy with her , yet people were now staring in shock .

Back to present:

No matter what people say about me _______ is always there for me , and I am always there for her , Shes my Best friend and not just that

Request for :iconkatariinap:
Hope chu enjoy :3
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