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January 5
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2P!Italy x Reader

Run Ragaza , Run~


'Run' was all you could do to escape from him
From his grasp ...
From his devious smirk ...

...From what he has become ...

"Ragazza  (Y/N) , WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU !!!"he screamed in the dinning room flipping over the dinning room table , you were hidden in the closet where Romano hid you before Italy  murdered him ....


...Craziness isn't the correct word to put this in ...

...He was completely Insane....

...Or even worse...

... He was 2P !...

A sudden flash of light filled the dark space that you were in as the closet door broke off revealing that murderous purplish pink/reddish eyes that were once beautiful brownish eyes that were always kept closed.

His Beautiful skin now tanned lightly and covered with blood of family and friends

That once Blue military outfit now replaced with  a decorated WW2 Italian Brigade Uniform that is a bit shredded also blood stains...


...The Sickening Smell...

...But not as sickening as him...

Eyes wide as you tried escaping from him but to no avail , as the wall behind you prevented you from making any move

...Not to mention the bloody knife held against your throat...

He smirked and removed that famous knife he used to kill all his victims through one swift move

His hand made it to your face , rubbing it ever so gently

... The way he used to ...

You wanted to melt into it , but you kept your guard up , you didn't want him to sense your fear , but with all the shivering and that wonderful scared look on your face , it was impossible

...Poor child ...

He smirked as he took his knife and scratched your cheek, you flinched at the pain , you wanted to scream and get out of the position you were in but somehow ...

... you couldn't... felt paralyzed...

He withdrew his knife with your blood on it , staring at it before licking it off "mmmm~<3"

Was the noise he made , you normally would have enjoyed that noise knowing he found something delicious , but in this case , you were terrified,

He looked over to you and your bleeding cheek and came over to lick it clean , you tried pushing him off but no use , as he banged you against the wall

Done with his work he looked at you , eyes filled with lust , he brought himself to your ear "You knew this would happen so why did you break up my sweet , sweet Ragazza ~!"

'Yes ... why did you ?'



It was a summers day , you were at the beach

..... with him .......

He was pretty normal then , everything was fine , very peaceful


He soon became somewhat depressed , pissed off , and


He always left to somewhere and always came back with torn clothing and droplets of blood.

Soon his appearance started changing as well along with his personality

...and hobbies...

You asked Romano and the rest whats going on with him but it seemed that they were going to ask the same thing

It wasn't long after till you figured out he joined the mafia

And that he was killing many innocent people

You caught him in a secret room behind the book case , he was about to slash a tied persons throat but was stopped as he saw you , shock took over him

'(Y/N) I-I can explai---'

You ran out of the horried place

...Away from him...

He clenched his teeth as he began leaving the place , the victim sighed in relief until he was shot to death

He began looking for you , yelling your name until he saw the door wide open,You have fled away from him...

... you left from what the monster he had become...

He began thrashing everything in the house before dropping to the floor , he smirked evily , laughing like a maniac

...A MaNiAc....

He then headed out the door , seems you took the car , seeing the car gone , and car tracks

His Smirk becoming even wider

"let the chase begin Ragazza~"

He said before running following the tracks


You were in the car , driving to where ever , any where as long as it was far away from him

Though what you didn't expect was a knife flying breaking your window , nearly killing you , looking through the rear mirror your eyes widened seeing "him " chasing you on foot "damn his fast" you said and sped up , you looked in the rear mirror seeing he wasn't there , you sighed in relief but when you looked back at the road , there he was sitting , smirking like a mad man , you stopped making him fly in a back flip but landing perfectly on his feet , you drove again , you closed your eyes , tears running down , about to knock him but made a turn and drove past him , he sighed and began chasing you once again you kept driving faster and faster , he wasn't on your tail at all , but your car ran out of petrol , luckily Romano's house was nearby , you began running to his house before he caught up .

Arriving at his house , you banged on the door "R-ROMANO !!! PLEASE BE HERE !!! O-OPEN UP THE DOO---" "Yeeeah yeah I'M here (y/N) " he said opening the door , he saw your red eyes and tears "R-ragazza what happene---" he began asking "Just let me in before he comes in!!!" you said and he let you in

Romano closed the door not knowing that he was watching ....

You were greeted by Spain and some others but when they saw how you looked they asked what happened , tears leaking up again , you told them , they comforted you , telling you not to worry

.... that your safe now ...

...what lies ....

You all heard a knock on the door and you flinched "I-Its him!" you said just then he started banging at the door "FRATELLO LET ME IN !!!! I KNOW YOU FUCKING HAVE HER !!!!!!" he said now breaking down the door , they all looked at him in shock , you were shivering now "found you~" he said , walking over to you but was stopped by America "LIKE HELL I'D LET YOU !!!!" He yelled , Italy then threw him off and sending him ablow with his knife killing him , everyone then started attacking but Italy killed everyone one by one , Romano took you by the arm and ran with you upstairs , "DON'T YOU DARE RUN AWAY FROM ME !!!" Italy said killing everyone faster so he can get to you , Romano took you to his room , where he took out a gun from his closet and hid you in "Don't move , I'll be back Hopefully"He said

But he wasn't , for Italy had Killed his own brother ...


Back to present


He chuckled at you pulling you out of the closet "you naughty , naughty girl~" he said scratching you with his knife , causing you to bleed oput more "You shouldn't have done that you know" he said licking his lips, you were in tears from fear "because now you'll never leave me...."

" all..."

He said Kissing you , thrashing his tongue inside your mouth forcing you to dance along with it , you tried to keep your guard up but you melted into it , he pulled away for air before smirking "though before I take you away , lets play a game~" he said 'oh no' "You run and I'll catch you tough I'm giving you 10 seconds to ran as far away as possible , and even if you manage to run out of my reach " he said tightening his grip on you" I will find a way to get you back ~ But that will be impossible ~ sooo " he then let go of you allowing you to run "1,2" , you ran away out through the door into the forest "6,7" , you kept running , and running , you knew he was nearly by ten so you kept running further and further away  "ten~!" he said and began chasing you "here I come Ragazza ~!" and he headed out the door .

Though I'll leave the imaginaation whether he catches you or not and what he'll do up to you , though right now all I have to say is

Requested by :iconazaya-sama:

sorry it wasn't fluffy 0n0

I donot own the images

continuation : imjustreadinghetalia.deviantar… by :ImJustReadingHetalia:
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